Togruta Sith

Have I mentioned how much the Manimal loves Star Wars?  I mean… loves.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan… but my enjoyment is nothing when compared to his obsession.

Books, games, movies, graphic novels, cartoons – you  name it, he’s read it, played it, or seen it, probably numerous times.  The only bits of flair he permits within his wardrobe are decidedly non-flashy Star Wars themed ties, lapel pins, and cuff links.  His stark ultra-professional office decor is broken only by the occasional figurine or ship model.  All of his favorite contacts in his mobile have some sort of Star Wars theme (I’m happy to report that I alone lay claim to what I call “the Mos Eisley Cantina Song” but which I am told is actually the “Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes Cantina Song”).

So, yes.  The Manimal loves him some Star Wars.  In the midst of our Knights of the Old Republic phase, he mentioned having lots of Jedi pictures from which to choose his next work-laptop wallpaper… but no decent female Sith that weren’t specifically created to look like sex kittens.  “Making the Sith Order* look sexy,” he grumbled, “is like dressing Hitler and Mussolini in lingerie: it doesn’t make sense, it detracts from the evil of their deeds, and it tells more about the artist than the art.”  There was also a lengthy discussion at one point about the overall sexism of such artwork; it was pointed out that the male members of the Sith Order are often depicted in very utilitarian gear, while the females are often in skimpy, tight-fitting, ridiculously impractical clothing such as bustiers, corsets, and stiletto thigh-high boots.

While I appreciate how lucky I am to have a manbeast who is disgruntled on my behalf by the reduction of my gender to little more than sex objects in sci-fi pop-culture, it’s not like I haven’t been singing that same tune myself.  So, to appease him so we could go back to just enjoying our billionth play-throughs of KotOR I and II, I created the below picture – a Togruta member of the Sith Order who is decidedly unsexy, circa 2010.


*  Yes, he always says “Sith Order” when referring to those Force sensitives who use the dark side.  When he says “Sith,” he’s referring specifically to the ancient race of aliens.  There’s a difference, which I am forced to acknowledge after over a decade of forced re-education.


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