Lelith Hesperax

Now the storm begins to lower,

(Haste, the loom of Hell prepares!)

Iron-sleet of arrowy shower

Hurtles in the darkened air.

Glittering lances are the loom,

Where the dusky warp we strain,

Weaving many a soldier’s doom,

Orkney’s woe and Randver’s bane.

See the grisly texture grow,

(‘Tis of human entrails made!)

And the weights that play below,

Each a gasping warrior’s head.

Shafts for shuttles, dipped in gore,

Shoot the trembling cords along.

Sword, that once a monarch bore,

Keep the tissue close and strong.

Mista, black, terrific maid,

Sangrida, and Hilda, see,

Join the wayward work to aid;

‘Tis the woof of victory.

Ere the ruddy sun be set,

Pikes must shiver, javelins sing,

Blade with clattering buckler meet,

Hauberk crash, and helmet ring.

(Weave the crimson web of war!)

Let us go, and let us fly

Where our friends the conflict share,

Where they triumph, where they die…

Horror covers all the heath;

Clouds of carnage blot the sun.

Sisters, weave the web of death;

Sisters, cease, the work is done.

~ The Fatal Sisters, by Thomas Gray ~

This one I did just for funsies a few years ago.  I bring you Warhammer 40K’s Dark Eldar Succubus of the Wych Cult of Strife, Lelith Hesperax (circa 2011)!



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