Space Bog

Le Mumz and the Manimal are very different people, but they have one huge similarity: they are both extremely single-minded, and once they decide to do something, they do the shit out of it.  She’s a crafting fiend and will come in hella handy in a post-apocalyptic scenario – for clothing and such, at any rate.  She abhors cooking and anything that takes longer than three minutes in a kitchen, so in an end-of-days scenario we’d all slowly starve to death but leave behind well-dressed, well-accessorized corpses covered in lovely quilts and clutching to our emaciated chests adorable handmade toys.

She draws, takes amazing photographs, sews (by machine and by hand), quilts (preferably by hand), weaves (with a loom), spins with both drop-spindles and spinning wheels (to turn fluffs of fiber into usable yarn), does macrame, crochets, felts, and knits like nobody’s business.  She’s left-handed, but she can actually knit both left- and right-handed, which makes me want to puke all over her perfect sweaters and shawls.  Puke, puke, puke.  And just when I got my knitting tension perfected, she had to go and learn Portuguese knitting, which is insane to see in person.  Since she’s retired, she’s become what I call a full-time Stitch Witch (aka Fiber Flunky, aka Cap’n Yaaaaaaaaaarn): she part-times at her favorite yarn shop, networks with a lot of popular knitting podcasters and bloggers, participates in some of the toughest Ravelry competitions, and attends many – if not all – of the fiber-crafting conventions in the region (SSK is the only one of which I can ever remember the name, because “ssk” is a common knitting term).

I mention her in this post not because she made the item in question (clearly not), but because the loom I used to make it once resided quite happily in her Mom Cave… until she upgraded.

This was my first loom experience and was definitely not my finest hour.  The actual weaving was quite easy to do and much more mindless to me than knitting – I could fade out for a while and relax while I did it… but warping the son of a bitch was a huge pain in the ass.  As ugly as I actually think this turned out, the Manimal quite liked it and still – a year later – insists on wearing it to work when it’s cool out.

For now.  I have plans to replace this thing this year.  🙂


Space Bog

Item:  Scarf

For Whom:  The Manimal

Date:  2014

Tools:  Schacht Cricket Rigid-Heddle Loom (10″)

Yarn Brand:  Noro

Yarn Name:  Silk Garden Sock

Color:  Black Lime

Yarn Weight:  Sport

Fibers:  40% Wool / 25% Silk / 25% Acrylic / 10% Mohair


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