Serenity Valley

I kicked this one out at the beginning of the year in an effort to remove Space Bog from the Manimal’s closet.  He likes this one, but unfortunately it doesn’t coordinate well with his collection of grey and navy-blue suits.  Boo.  But this year… this year, I’ll succeed.  I have a plan.  🙂

Serenity Valley represents the third and final thing I wove.  My technique truly did get better with each attempt, but warping the looms is just a huge pain in the ass that I’m clearly not dedicated enough to do.  I’ve already given the Cricket RHL back to Le Mumz… but I’m hanging onto the Kromski for a while longer, until she needs it back or I’ve made up my mind to throw in the towel with this particular fiber-craft.


Serenity Valley

Item:  Scarf

For Whom:  The Manimal

Date:  2015

Tools:  Kromski Harp Rigid-Heddle Loom (16″)

Yarn Brands:  Knit Picks (light brown)  |  Noro (dark brown)

Yarn Name:  CotLin (light brown)  |  Kureyon Sock (dark brown)

Color:  Linen (light brown)  |  149-S (dark brown)

Yarn Weight:  DK (light brown)  |  Fingering (dark brown)

Fibers:  70% Cotton / 30% Linen-Flax Blend (light brown)  |  70% Wool / 30% Acrylic (dark brown)


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