London Calling

And this was my plan – and it was a success!!!  If you don’t recall, last year I wove a hideous scarf for the Manimal that I dubbed Space Bog, which I tried to coax off of him a few months later with another mediocre woven scarf labeled Serenity Valley.

I clearly have given up on weaving, which is a good thing, since I’m obviously not good at it.  At all.  But I’ve gotten quite good at knitting, so I made him a 6 1/2 foot scarf using a herringbone pattern, and because I can do nothing the easy way, I doubled up on the wool, twisting two identical yarns together to create a thick, cozy scarf that matches his fairly monochromatic wardrobe of grey, black, and navy-blue suits.

London Calling

Item:  Scarf

For Whom:  The Manimal

Date:  2015

Tools:  Circulars, 12.75 mm (US 17)

Yarn Brand:  Cascade Yarns

Yarn Name:  Superwash

Color:  900-Gray

Yarn Weight:  Bulky

Fibers:  100% Merino Wool


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