Kitty Lovey

I have been so crazy busy this year, with work and life and everything else, that I haven’t had much time for knitting.  The Manimal’s oldest and bestest friend (whom I refer to as Lil’ Fella, because he’s so much shorter than my tall, lanky manbeast) had a baby mid-November, and I finally had an excuse to knit baby things!

I’m actually not a fan of babies in general.  I don’t get the whole “baby” thing – I don’t find them adorable or cute or any of that; I think they all look like cranky little old men… sort of a cross between Benjamin Button and Winston Churchill.  Just not a good mix.

But at this point, with as hectic as everything has been, I am a huge fan of quick projects, and it doesn’t get much quicker than baby stuff!!!  This will be Lil’ Fella’s lil’ miss’s first X-mas, so I knitted her a quick gifty to mark the occasion.

This is actually a kit intended to be used to make a hat, with the idea being that the plush kitten head would sit on top of the cap.  Since it will be years since she’ll be able to wear a hat that size, I used the kit to create a round lovey (sort of like a baby blanket) and placed the kitten head in the center, allowing it to be pulled upright into a snuggly cuddle-buddy.


Lovey Buddy

Item:  Snuggle Buddy

For Whom:  Abby

Date:  2016

Tools:  Circulars, 5.5 mm (US 9)

Yarn Brands:  DMC Creative World

Yarn Name:  Top This

Color:  Kitten

Yarn Weight:  Bulky

Fibers:  78% Acrylic / 22% Nylon/Polyamide


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