Unfinished… but Unforgotten

Le Mumz and Friend Ems are proud members of the TLDR club, and I think I should be able to make a new club that fits me.  It could be called the GBDF (Got-Bored, Didn’t-Finish) club.  Or the HAAW (Half-Assed All-the-Way) gang.  I love to knit, but for every project I complete there are half-a-dozen sitting on needles or hooks in project bags and yarn drums and carpetbags, waiting patiently for me to remember they’re there.  I write a lot, but after I’m done I toss the journals or notebooks on a bookshelf or in a box, where they remain until I go on a Great Purge and chuck ’em en masse in the bin.  I draw constantly, but for every finished work there are hundreds – literally hundreds – sitting forgotten or abandoned in drawers or in the closet or stuffed between the pages of books.

Which leads me to this evening.  I cleaned out one of the desks, a heavy antique beast of a thing that took Daddoo and the Manimal forever to get in the house, and after sifting through random bits of paper upon which I’d scribbled cryptic messages to myself (what the hell was “don’t forget yuml tupi” supposed to remind me to do??) I came upon an old ledger book I used to doodle in while zoning out of work-related meetings, inside of which were a few pictures that probably deserve to be finished… but never will be.

So.  Here they are, in case they don’t make it through the next Great Purge – never finished, but now never to be forgotten.



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