Nara Shikamaru

Oh, man…

Those clouds are so lucky.

So free.

More to the point,

I didn’t feel like doing this in the first place.

And I only became a ninja

because I thought life

would’ve been more interesting as one.

But I suppose things

aren’t gonna be that simple.

So this is the second of the series, following Kakashi-Sensei.  This one’s for the Manimal, who – besides looking remarkably like my boy Shika – also happens to be almost exactly like him.  Highly intelligent, gifted with an insanely strategic mind, to the outside observer perhaps a little lazy – but he just doesn’t get all that motivated about things he doesn’t genuinely care about.

As Shika would say:  “How troublesome.”  (Or, in the English dubs: “What a drag.”)


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